A Limerick

Limerick Challenge Week 29’s theme isTime Travel (How could I pass that up?)

Limericks are humorous poems with the particular rhythm and rhyme scheme described below.*


Our relatives sorely downhearted,
All cried when our ship’s engine started.
We flew faster than light
So the trip turned out right:
We came back long before we departed.




1. a form of comic verse consisting of five anapaestic lines of which thefirst, second, and fifth have three metrical feet and rhyme togetherand the third and fourth have two metrical feet and rhyme together (aabba)

*anapest or anapaest

noun, Prosody.
1. a foot of three syllables, two short followed by one long inquantitative meter, and two unstressed followed by one stressed inaccentual meter, as in for the nonce.

Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

30 thoughts on “A Limerick”

  1. It’s great fun writing these, especially in company! I worked on a ‘smoking cessation’ project (near where Edward Lear, Mr Silly Limericks, lived and worked for a while, appropriately) – we got a group of women together, held workshops then produced a bookletof distracting ideas – one was limerick writing. This was the mantra we put in the booklet to help:
    It’s easy as:
    one two three / one two three / one two
    one two three / one two three / one two
    one two three / one two
    one two three / one two
    one two three / one two three / one two

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      1. No, ma’am! I’m suggesting that limericks are your thing! A forte, so to speak. They work for your wit & humor, but you write in other forms very well too. Limericks just suit you. 🙂

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