Finding the Spirit of Kindness

This is Week 2 of the Kindness Challenge.

Someone left a kindness bouquet for everyone to enjoy.

Like looking for the good — or bad — in people, you will find kindness if you look for it. And often in unlikely places. Who thought to put these furry blooms in a stairway post two days ago? A child or a grownup? It was certainly a deliberate choice. There isn’t even one of these plants close by. Today they weren’t there, but they weren’t scattered on the ground, either. Where do you suppose they are now? In someone’s living room? Lining a bird’s nest? Strung together like a fuzzy crown gracing the head of a three year old Prince or Princess of the Playground?

Watch those children on the playground; you’ll see a lot of competition and chasing. But there’s kindness, too. Hard to believe? Impossible to deny. I have proof:

Rules? What rules?

I watched this little ball of energy for several minutes while she played a game of her own creation. I couldn’t tell what the rules were, but it was obvious she knew. She’d run around, sometimes with the ball in her mouth, sometimes in her hands.

And then she tripped, and it got away from her…

Hey, thanks!

Out of nowhere (well, from the nearby swings) this young gentleman retrieved the ball and brought it to little Princess Prone. She hadn’t even had time to get back on her feet!

Then there was the man who used his feet to clear the gravel off a length of sidewalk. It wasn’t his gravel. It wasn’t his walk. But there he was, all alone, sweeping gravel someone else had dredged out of its proper place in the landscaping to put it back where it belonged. Why? Because people walk by with their tender-footed dogs.

And the husband who got out of the car to make sure his wife pulled far enough forward when she parked not to block the neighbor’s driveway even a little bit.

The held door.

The smile of a passing stranger.

But the loveliest kindness I found this week was in my mailbox: a handwritten note from Tre of A CORNERED GURL, with a soulful reflection on”Spirit“. So full of wisdom and love and poetical prose, the line that stays with me most vibrantly is her definition.

“Tell me about ‘spirit’, Tre.” Me, eager to hear her heart speak.
“It is the quintessential hopeful in a sea of disbelief.” Tre, in all her glory.

Look around as you float on your own sea of disbelief. You aren’t lost. See the quintessential hopeful? Just grab on. It’ll take you home.

Now do yourself a kindness — go visit Tre.

Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

18 thoughts on “Finding the Spirit of Kindness”

      1. I am so glad you received your note/letter. This really makes me happy.

        And, this post?!?! WoW, Sue! What an honor, thank you so much! I’m so glad to have come across the glorious wonder that is you 🙂


  1. What a wonderful post Sue. It’s so true that kindness is every where, all we have to do is keep our eyes open to it. And watching children is such a great example. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What varied and great examples of kindness! I love watching kids! They are so fascinating and upfront. The pictures were great additions to the post! The bouquet was such a simple yet thoughtful touch. Makes me smile just reading it! Thanks for sharing!

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