Kind to Myself? (Kindness Challenge, Week 1)

“When we think of being kind, why do we think of doing something special?” Me. Wondering.

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Isn’t that what usually comes to mind when you think of random acts of kindness? Doing something special and unexpected? Especially for ourselves. Like buying an exotic coffee or a decadent dessert, spending a day at the spa or reading a trashy romance. Isn’t that what we mean? Indulging ourselves with something we would normally consider a waste of time or money. And we call it being “good” or “kind” to ourselves.

“After all, I don’t do it all the time. It’s special. And I deserve it.” Me. You. Us.

Sure, I can be kind to myself like that, but I don’t have to; I’m the one person I know who really won’t mind when I take me for granted. In fact, I rather expect to be taken for granted by me. After all, I’ve known me all my life, and I’m just not that high maintenance, so I’m comfortable taking me for granted.

“That sounds pretty screwy to me.” Some of you.
“Oh, I don’t know. I think it has the ring of unfortunate truth.” Others of you.

Besides, quite honestly, I’d rather be out committing random acts of kindness on you than being the center of attention receiving them. Even from myself.

So instead of granting myself a special indulgence, I choose to treat myself with the same respect I treat other people — you. I’ll pay attention to what my body, mind, and emotions are telling me about my well being, and I’ll take care of them. Not specially, but consistently. I’ll take that care for granted.

Maybe that’s the ultimate kindness. And we all deserve that.


(This is my Week 1 Reflection on Kindness for the Kindness Challenge. You can still enter.)



Author: Sue Ranscht

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10 thoughts on “Kind to Myself? (Kindness Challenge, Week 1)”

  1. First let me get the blog aspect out there and just say I love the way you wrote this!

    It’s interesting to me that people relate kindness to something “special”, reserved for an occasion, or to be put on display. Of course kindness comes in many forms but even the smallest measure of kindness goes a long way. I love how you concluded the post with an action and a beautiful one at that! What a great way to end the first week of the challenge in a way that it doesn’t really end but carries on indefinitely…

    Thanks for participating! 🙂

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    1. I agree. That’s why, to me, the idea of random acts of kindness always seems to invoke an unexpected extravagance — like paying for the coffee of the stranger in line behind you without them knowing about it until they try to pay for it. Or giving the shoes off your feet to a homeless person you happen to see. But kind consideration of everyone is all the time.


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