“This guy is so full of himself!” Me reading [mumble-mumble’s] ninth post of the morning.

It’s a fact. There too many  a whole lotta a few bloggers out here who are so full of themselves it’s difficult to believe they have room for lunch.

Don’t worry — I’m not talking about you.

These are the people who so love the sound of the voices in their heads that they write down whatever passes behind their eyeballs or between their ears, posting 2… 3… 13 times a day without pausing to question why anyone outside their immediate families would care. (Assuming their immediate families are supportive enough to at least make a show of reading said blog.) And they don’t read any of their follower’s blogs; they read only their follower’s comments on their own blog.

At first this raised my eyebrows and my hackles. But I’m an optimist, and I want to believe people have valid and worthwhile reasons for doing the things they do, saying the things they say, thinking the things they think, and writing the things they write.

Plus, my attitude was not charitable. Shame on me.

So I took a step back and tried to see the bigger picture. The picture that, in the overall scheme of things, might rank these narcissists’ blowhards’ bloggers’ sputum pontificating opinions somewhere above rotten eggs. And I think, when I stepped back far enough, closed one eye, squinted through the other, and bent over sideways while clapping my hands, clicking my heels, and saying, “I believe in fairies. There’s no place like home. We will we will rock you! I believe in fairies. There’s no place like home. We will we will rock…” (you get the idea), I THINK I SAW IT!


So there I was, bent and cramping up worse than a fast game of Twister, finally able to feel some charity toward these… fellow bloggers. Because the Ultimate Truth is that I am full of me, and there isn’t anyone else I’d rather be full of.

Are you full of yourself? I hope so. In fact, tell me about it. I’d really like to know.

Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

3 thoughts on “You”

  1. I like me. I love me. I am all about me.

    And, others too, though.

    But, I know me. WELL enough to know that I love who I am. So, in essence, I guess I am full of me too.

    This is a funny post!

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