The Ultimate Universes

New view of the Pillars of Creation — visible
The Eagle Nebula’s Pillars of Creation (NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope)

Don’t watch the video at the end unless you’re a True Math Nerd. I put it here only to prove what I’m about to say.

“There are an infinite number of infinities, and they are all different sizes.” Me. Summarizing part of Vsauce’s video, How to Count Past Infinity

Stick with me here… I promise, I’m not going to talk about math. I’m going to share my Black Hole/White Hole Theory and the cool analogy the talk of infinite infinities led me to.

“Oh yeah, THAT’S better.” You

Confession: “I am a True Math Nerd.” Me. 99th+ percentile in math on the SAT
“Duh.” You

My son is a TMN, too. We listened to the Vsauce video together, and had a great nerdy discussion afterward. That included my observation that infinite infinities seemed to parallel the idea that there are infinite universes, which led me to share my Black Hole/White Hole Theory — which, by the way, I came up with in the early 1970s when We the People first learned scientists had confirmed the theoretical possibility of black holes.

My theory is:

“Whatever falls into a black hole comes out in a different universe with its creation force, kinda like the Big Bang.” S.T. Ranscht, Black Hole/White Hole Theory

This was back when anybody who thought about black holes thought nothing — not even light — could escape their gravitational pull. We imagined there might be one black hole, and eventually, it would swallow up the entire Universe. This was about the same time Stephen Hawking was beginning to think some kind of radiation could, in fact, escape from a black hole. But it was waaaaay before this year, when he started thinking maaaybe black holes lead to other universes through, guess what: white holes.

“Yes, I’m more an astro physintuitivist.” Me

We know there are billions of galaxies in our Universe. Today, scientists believe most — or maybe all of them have a black hole at their center. If the Black Hole/White Hole Theory is true, each of our billions of galaxies is creating another universe which will have billions more galaxies, each with a black hole at its center creating another universe which will have… you get the idea. It’s like the Tommee Tippee Infinity cup in reverse.

But that’s not the analogy I want to leave you with.

“Why aren’t there more white holes?” Brylan, my TMN son
“Maybe each universe gets only one because the Universe is like a chicken, and each chicken comes from only one egg. But it can lay billions — well, not billions, but lots and lots of eggs (galaxies) in its lifetime. And each of those fertilized eggs (black holes/white holes) can hatch a chicken (universe) of its own that will lay more eggs (galaxies) in its own Universe.” Me
“Which came first?” My wise*ss son
“You know, it really doesn’t matter.” My wise self


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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Universes”

    1. Haha! Are you objecting to the sloppy diction of “kinda” itself, or to the Big Bang part of that sentence? If you mean that we need more information to decide what might really be going on, I’m resigned to speculation for two reasons. First, without help from the Last Surviving Time Lord or lunch at the Big Bang Burger Bar, we won’t be able to witness the Very Beginning of our Universe in order to determine whether or not it was actually a Big Bang or something else, like maybe a Forceful Flow or a Projectile Pour or Squirrely Squirt. Second, even if one of us could fall into a Black Hole and survive to emerge into a parallel Universe, the one of us who fell, although being an integral part of the actual creation of THAT universe, would not be able to return to THIS universe to tell anyone here what it was like. You can’t put the chicken back into the egg. So, to my mind, the Black Hole/White Hole Theory is complete and plausible enough to accept at face value, which includes the uncertainty inherent in the word “kinda” at no extra cost.

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