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Elliot 147
Photo credit: Ernie Cooper

In sight of the bower’s entrance, a member of the Hive Elite waylaid Vernon with the Queen’s request that he return immediately to the Hive.

“My apologies, Sir Barry, for abandoning you before introducing you to the Princess and Prince. The bower is just over there, and if you let them know you’re replacing Clifton for the time being, I’m sure you’ll find the Royal couple gregarious and pleasant company.” He flew off before Barry could respond.

I’m s’posed ta walk in dere an’ innerduce myself ta Royalty? Well, he thought, I’ve done tougher tings.

Peering from the doorway into the dimly lit chamber, he could barely make out two sleeping figures on a thick mat across the room.

Great. I wonder if it’s rude ta wake a sleeping Princess. Out loud, he called, “Hello? Are youse awake?”

“Wha…? Hmm?” Sleepy mumbling rolled out of bed with Elliot who stumbled across the room with one eye closed and the other only half open. “What is it? Who— Barry?” Suddenly awake, Elliot yelled, “Barry! What are you doing here? Cassandra, my sweet! Look who’s here! It’s Barry!”

“Barry?” Cassandra asked, stretching the relaxed and graceful stretch of contentment. “Barry!” Laughing, she glided to the doorway, “Come in! What a wonderful surprise. How are those legs?”

“Even stronger dan dey useta be. I mean, just look at ’em!” he joked. “I’m glad I ran inta youse guys. I’m s’posed ta meet da Royal couple, an’ I’m kinda worried about innerducin’ myself. I mean, I know I’m a full Knight of Service an’ all now, but still…”

“You’re a Knight? That’s a great honor,” Elliot declared. “Congratulations!”

“I imagine you earned it,” Cassandra offered. “I… We,” she corrected herself, flashing a coy smile at her love, “are eager to hear your battle stories. They’re probably even more exciting than when you saved us from the burning forest.

“I’m just afraid Royalty might not be so impressed,” the young frog admitted. “Maybe youse could handle the innerductions when dey get here.”

“Gladly,” Elliot grinned. “Sir Barry from Bog, honorable Knight of Service, may I introduce you to her Elegance, Princess Cassandra the Secret, rightful heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Bog.”

Barry’s mouth fell open.

“And I would like to introduce you to my beloved husband, Prince Elliot the Faithful, also of the Kingdom of Bog, and First Minister of the Alliance,” Cassandra boasted.

“Are youse serious?”

Elliot just smiled and nodded.

“Looks like youse guys have been even busier dan I have. Wow. Royalty. Who’da guessed? An’ it looks like we got time fer tradin’ stories, too. I’m yer new Clifton till da King says it’s safe fer ya ta come home.”

“Why isn’t it safe now?” the Princess asked.


A commotion at the door became an urgent Vernon.

“Come with me. There’s been an attack.”

To be continued. . .

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