Z is for Zero

Here’s how the Against Malaria Foundation helps save lives for $2.50. And here’s how you can get Cat Tales for only$1.99 through Monday, May 1st.



Well, guess what? I didn’t get to Provence after all. I must have got into the wrong bag or the wrong queue, but I ended up in Madagascar! The flight was very long and I was stuck in the hold without so much as a Tom and Jerry cartoon to watch, but now I’m here, I think it must have been fate. The other day, I told you about Cats Protection, but I’ve never explained why the other charity the proceeds from Cat Tales go to is the AMF – Against Malaria Foundation.

Curtis was in a taxi once, riding back into town, and the taxi stopped, as they do in Madagascar, to pick up other people. One of them was a young woman with a baby in her lap. The baby wasn’t crying but it didn’t look very happy either. It looked absent, awake but unaware, staring straight ahead…

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