X is for Xavier

Curtis Bausse, the man behind the Cat Tales anthology of the top stories from his Book a Break Short Story Competition, is an author in his own right. One Green Bottle, the first of his Magali Rousseau murder mystery series, is a darn fine murder mystery — I know because I’ve read it.

Hey, if you refuse to purchase Cat Tales, two things are certain: you won’t be contributing to Cat Tales’ support of two worthy charities, and you’ll never know if the story I wrote, “Cat Artist Catharsis”, is any good. But maybe you’d consider purchasing a copy of One Green Bottle.

Of course, you could do both. You’ll find the links you need, below. Many thanks for your support.



Apart from having a name that begins with X, Xavier isn’t an interesting person at all. But he does indirectly lead to Cat Tales, the anthology drawn from last year’s Book a Break short story competition, so I thought I’d tell you how. He’s Magali Rousseau’s husband in One Green Bottle, you see, or was until she swapped him for a cat. Actually, to be honest, he swapped her first for another woman, so she didn’t have a lot of choice. She thought at that point her life would be miserable, but as it turned out, the despondency she braced herself for never came. On the contrary, a couple of months after settling in, she was sitting on the patio on a glorious summer evening, sipping a glass of wine as Toupie purred contentedly round her ankles, thinking that she was no less contented herself. This was…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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2 thoughts on “X is for Xavier”

  1. It’s no spoiler to say that Cat Artist Catharsis is a fine story indeed – Atthys Gage, the competition judge, was quite right to include it in his ‘highly commended’ list. But only those generous and perspicacious enough to buy the anthology will have the pleasure of discovering just how fine it is.

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