U is for Ugbor

Today is the next-to-last day to get a digital copy of Cat Tales for only $1.99! Or you can choose print for $9.50. Proceeds go to the Against Malaria Foundation and Cats Protection.


ofurefinalStanding on tiptoes, her arms and jaw resting on the frame, Elizabeth Ikhide looked out of the living room window of her parents’ apartment. It was a warm and tranquil Nigerian Wednesday morning on the BDPA estate. No outsider would ever have guessed how cold and terrifying the previous night had been: dogs barking, ripples of gunshots, three apartments robbed and two people killed. Little Liz hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep.

Wow! The opening paragraph of On Tuesday Night, Ofure Omoike’s story in story inCat Tales, the anthology drawn from last year’sBook a Break short story competition, takes us straight into the thick of the action.

Ugbor, incidentally, is a district of Benin City, where Ofure’s story is set. It’s where Liz and her family go to live at the end of the story, with its cramped and ostentatious duplexes encased by gigantic fences…

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