S is for Step

Smith has some strong thoughts about humans and the wars they fight. Maybe you do, too. “The Cretan Cat” in Cat Tales is a look at one woman’s life and losses in Crete during World War II. Maybe you’ll understand the feelings. Remember, all proceeds go to the Against Malaria Foundation and Cats Protection.



A doorstep in fact. In a village in Crete, which is where Maria sits and waits in The Cretan Cat, Yvonne Payne’s story in Cat Tales, the anthology drawn from last year’s Book a Break short story competition.

With the doorframe as a backrest, Maria treated herself to a rare doze on her doorstep. Behind closed eyelids, she squinted against sunbeams probing through trees to dance mosaic patterns on her face. Lemon blossom scented the breeze before it tickled the light down of her cheek. By concentrating on her slowed breathing, everyday sounds of Cretan village life diminished to a distant hubbub.

That’s in November 1940. It’s a sad story, because a year later nothing is the same for Maria except for the doorstep and the cat that keeps her company. A war story. Not like the ones Sam watches on television, full of bombs and machine guns…

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