Q is for Quantum physics

If ever a cat needed Cats Protection, it’s Schrödinger’s. Being both alive and dead until someone looks in a box? No wonder denying reality is so appealing. Fortunately, David Brennan’s story, “The Cats, the Box, and the Paradox”, makes more sense than that, and it helps both Cats Protection and the Against Malaria Foundation if you buy a copy of Cat Tales for yourself or someone you know. Or someone you don’t know till you look at then when you give them the book. Go ahead, get a copy of Cat Tales today and help make sense of the world.



Where are Billy and Jessie? Are they alive and well, doing their bit to rid the world of rodents, or did the Mulligans poison them? There are many things in life that we just don’t know. Until we open the box.

When it came to the cats, her husband and a lot of other things, my mother was inclined to deny reality as much as it was possible. She blessed herself when passing graveyards and saluted magpies for good luck. She doused us in holy water every time we left the house. She still believed they’d turn up one day, fat and fed, and she believed that the lump on her breast couldn’t be cancerous—yet she thought about it all the time. At times that belief would crumble, but she would fight it with that great stubbornness indicative of her race; and her mind would alternate from benign to malignant…

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