O is for Outside

Confused about the abstract concepts of Inside and Outside? Maybe all you need is a cat flap. Perhaps reading “Aftermath” in the Cat Tales anthology will help sort it out. For the rest of April, only $1.99 for a digital copy or $9.50 for a print copy.


alice final

Your outside is in and your inside is out, according to The Beatles. Personally, I find that confusing, but they were incredibly successful so they must have known what they were talking about. One thing I know is that whenever Sam takes the train to London, she makes sure she’s got a ticket to ride.

I’m not sure Alice Penfold agrees with The Beatles on the inside out thing. Consider the beginning of Aftermath, her story in story in Cat Tales, the anthology drawn from last year’s Book a Break short story competition.

Inside. Red ink running low; it was time to replace. Face marked by fatigue, Mark broke away to wash, again. He let his fingers fumble towards the taps in darkness, the light switch left abandoned and unneeded. It was enough to feel, this time—the rushing burn scalding his sores, the splitting in his overworked…

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