N is for Nile

Cats are gods. Ask any ancient Egyptian. Or, more conveniently, get a copy of Cat Tales and read the story called, “Cats of the Nile”. You’ll also be making the world a better place because the proceeds go to Cats Protection and the Against Malaria Foundation.


Tabby with Emerald eyes2 Illustration by Zoe Radford

In the beginning there was no light.

There was it. Enshrouded in almost total darkness; save for the effervescent glow that emanated from it and gave it a shadowy form that was all but indistinguishable. Even that in itself was a layer of black added to dark.

It was a product of darkness—born in the eons before life ever began on earth. It had seen empires rise and fall and watched civilizations crumble into the nothingness of memories and markings on scrolls and pieces of broken pottery. In some instances it had helped them attain that state faster. […]

The explosion shattered its rest.

That’s from John Chidi’s Cats of the Nile, his excellent contribution to Cat Tales, the anthology drawn from last year’s Book a Break short story competition. Now, I’ve always known that we, as a species, were awesome, but I…

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