M is for Mirror

Alice isn’t the only one who can pass through mirrors. Maybe down the rabbit hole was Dinah’s second choice. Get your copy of Cat Tales to learn more, only $1.99 digital or $9.50 in print. Support the Against Malaria Foundation and Cats Protection.


gayatri colourThe mirrors at Sam and Sam’s are too high. There’s one in the hall which might do the trick but I have to taking a running jump and hurl myself at it in the hope of breaking through. All I’ve broken so far is my head, or at least it feels that way. Sam came in once just as I was flying at the mirror. She thought my existential angst had tipped me over the edge.

There’s a cat down the road, Rooney, that goes through them. I asked him how he does it and he said it’s like skiing, you have to start early. At my age, there’s practically no hope. Oh, well. ‘So what do you see when you get there?’ I asked.

‘Oh, all sorts of things,’ said Rooney, which was about as helpful as flea bites.

‘Have you seen Utopia?’ I asked.

‘You what?’ he said.

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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