E is for Execution

Ooo, a creepy Cat Tale! But all to benefit two great causes.



Do you like creepy stories? This one’s for you. I promised no spoilers so I can’t tell you the end, but you’ll love it! That’s if you love that sort of ending, of course. I’ll just let on that it gave me the shivers good and proper. Prepare yourself for a shock!

Naturally, I was reminded of Sir T. Not everyone believes me when I say that in a former life I was Thomas More – in fact Curtis himself was highly sceptical. ‘But how do you know, Smith?’ he asked. ‘Does he text you, or what?’ He’s a sarky blighter at times. I didn’t deign to reply.

Well, obviously it’s not written on my birth certificate, which I don’t have anyway, not being a pedigree – none of those airs and graces for me. But how else could I have risen to be Lord High Clawncellor of Taunton? Besides…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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