D is for Debbie

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mike3 Illustration by Ellie Rutherford

Things I can do: shin up the Stantons’ sycamore in 16 seconds flat; terrorise Taunton; ponder the meaning of Utopia; sleep soundly; walk on the wall round Wellington Gardens; lie on the rug and purr; slither down the sycamore in 11.2 seconds; crack open the skull of a sparrow; see in the dark; fool Sam and Sam into thinking I’m nice; blog.

Things I can’t do: swim.

There are probably other things I can’t do but for the moment they escape me. Well, there are obvious things like wash the car, mow the lawn, go to Sainsburys, do the accounts and vote. But none of those things appeal to me, so there’s no point bothering about them. But swimming, yes, I can see the attraction. It must be a nice sensation. Not to mention all the fish lolling about just waiting to be caught.

But I don’t…

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