Moodle Army #9, Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

This week, Haylee of Aloada Bobbins asked the Moodle Army to step outside its collective comfort zones. She suggested moodling with a mouth, foot, or non-dominant hand, in each case, preferably one’s own.

I left a comment:

“So many possibilities. If I use my feet, there will be double the discomfort — first, trying something so untried, and second, the sockless cold. Brrr!” Me, hating cold feet.

In response, our Glorious Leader challenged me directly:

“Then I shall expect a Moodle from you using pens held in your mouth! 😉 Moodle Army 5 ✮ General, aka Hair-Power Haylee

Honestly, I gave the daft (for me) idea the consideration it deserved, but the ethereal voice of my long-departed mother kept chiding me:

“Never put anything in your mouth but food.” Mom

I confess, I didn’t always follow Mom’s instructions while she was alive and in charge of me, and I may or may not have ignored them even more frequently after I began adulting on my own, but now this cherished memory of her wisdom gave me the excuse I needed to not draw with pens held in my mouth. Sorry, Haylee. (Thanks, Mom!)

Although I have learned to quiet the left hemisphere of my brain and let the right hemisphere run free for creativity’s sake, I am right-handed. This  moodle is the result of stepping outside my comfort zone, drawn entirely with my left hand, including my scratchy little signature. (I added the caption after the drawing was complete.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.32.30



Author: Sue Ranscht

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17 thoughts on “Moodle Army #9, Step Outside Your Comfort Zone”

        1. I did indeed, thank you. A very creative concept for Hamlet. I love that little Yorick. There will be something on it’s way to you soon — as soon as I complete the next phase of the flame dress. lol ❤

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  1. Always listen to your mom! I will let you off with any penalties for non-compliance 🙂 mainly as you are still using the Hair-Power Haylee moniker, which I love!
    We are low on numbers of participants this week – seems everyone is still snuggled inside their comforting corners! So your entry is much appreciated 🙂

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    1. I apologize for my entry’s late hour. I’m embroiled in a number of side shows at the moment, a couple of which generate income. I actually completed my moodle last night, but I had reached the end of my ability to stay awake, so I didn’t get it posted. I do appreciate your magnanimity! 😉 ❤

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