Moodle Army Challenge #4

This week, Haylee’s Moodle Challenge is “Lucky Charm”.

I don’t believe in lucky charms. I mean, how lucky is a rabbit’s foot for the rabbit some poor superstitious dipstick got it from? (I admit, 4-leaf clovers are rare enough in my life to be romantically appealing. Besides, you have to be lucky to find one. Or maybe just single-mindedly dedicated.) And no matter how pretty the pastels are, my colorblind tastebuds insist the dodgy leprechaun’s dehydrated marshmallows are as delightful as astronaut ice cream, so I’m a bit at a loss here.


If wishes were horses, we’d all be eating steak. Jayne Cobb

Those words of wisdom gave me a slightly skewed approach to the challenge: any object that tradition and myth imbue with the power to grant wishes would be lucky, right? Like old oil lamps or birthday candles — anything you might rub or blow. Right? (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Here’s my answer:

It’s nothing like having a lucky charm, right? Right?



Author: Sue Ranscht

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9 thoughts on “Moodle Army Challenge #4”

    1. Thank you, Diana. The way I learned it, you make your wish, then blow. If you can blow all the seeds off in one breath, your wish will come true. I suppose it’s a likely to work as wishing on birthday candles. lol

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