Boycott Blues

Use your brain as well as your wallet when protesting.

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Why am I glad that 2017 is the Year of the Rooster in the East Asian Lunar Calendar?  Because I quickly found an image of a smirking rooster for this post.  Thank U, Ariadna Ada Sysoeva/  Why did I want such an image?  Read on, if U dare.arrogant-smirking-rooster

Despite not owning a gun, I sometimes shoot myself in the foot.  It is a common tendency among progressives.  Case in point: boycotting retailers like Walmart and Amazon that carry Trump-branded products w/o pushing them, not just boycotting the products themselves and those who push them.  We continue with appropriate made-up names.

Consider a retailer, say Walazon, that carries several lines of women’s fashions, including IvankyPanky and…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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5 thoughts on “Boycott Blues”

  1. I do not believe in the faux-power one feels from boycotts and embargoes; they never seem to work as intended. The victims always seem to be the workers (on the small scale actions against businesses because decreased sales equals decreased employees) or on a larger scale, a country’s people instead of their government, as in the case of Cuba.
    If every legal U.S. citizen of voting age actually voted in all elections, there is the real power of a democracy. No matter what your political slant is, let’s stop taking that right for granted.

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  2. This makes a great deal of sense. I didn’t at Walmart before (I don’t like the way they do business/treat their workers), but the Amazon thing really stung. The logic of this post is sound. If you continue shopping at a place, but don’t buy that product, they’ll more than likely remove it for not selling. It’s a better way to vote with your dollars.

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