Villains, Democracy and Reality

Fellow Americans! Give this more than a little thought before you vote.



I suppose you could create a fictional character who was xenophobic, misogynistic, grotesque and despicable. And for good measure, you could give him a ridiculous hairpiece and have him run for President.

But what would be the point of that? Would anyone want to read it? It’s generally supposed that for a book to work, its main character needs to be likeable. Which is why we get works of fiction that focus on politics, but not a lot that focus on politicians.

There are exceptions. Notably House of Cards, the modern day spin off from Richard III. In both cases we know from the outset – because the main character tells us – that we’re dealing with villains. The reason these dramas work is because we’re fascinated – yet horrified – by the dastardliness and cunning of Frank and Richard. And also, of course, because we’re eager to…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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