Cosmic Photo Challenge

Dale and K’lee‘s Cosmic Photo Challenge theme for this week is I’ve Got the Monday Blues. Visit both their sites to see the beautiful, cool, and crazy stuff they came up with, and learn how to play along.

I do love sparkly things.

I am such a crow.
And light through glass? That’s pretty magical…
…and mystical.
The stuff of dreams.


Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

32 thoughts on “Cosmic Photo Challenge”

        1. I had to look that up; I’d only ever heard of Turkish Delight taffy. lol. The photos I found seem to indicate it’s a form of aquamarine — my birthstone!

          The glass would be easy to mistake for a crystal — especially when it behaves that way. lol

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          1. Very pretty, though when it’s naturally smoothed by the sea like that…ruby is my birthstone but I don’t think I’ve ever seen red sea glass, just blue, green and clear…

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          2. There’s red glass, so there must be red sea glass, but I’ve seen it in photos. lol. I’ve found pale green and clear. The blue was a gift from one of my sisters, and she bought it on Ebay!


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