One-Liner Wednesday


This week Linda G. Hill’s (it’s only a suggestion) theme for One-Liner Wednesday is: It Was the Beginning of the End.

Hookup culture: like the Free Love Hippie culture, but with more alcohol and less love.



Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

9 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday”

    1. I’m not saying humankind loves less (although I think the argument could be made). But the ones “hooking up” are generally not interested in “relationships”, at least that’s what they claim. Sex is a mutually enjoyable entertainment, but not at all binding. Kind of like thrill rides at amusement parks. Back in the Hippie days, coming out of the sexually repressed ’50s, there was a sense of loving all mankind.

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      1. Brilliant! And very astute reply. In my thinking, sex is one of God’s creations that He embedded with such inherent power, which is used for good or evil. Trivializing it as we have more and more does not negate its power, but is causing massive destruction in insidious ways. I fear we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

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        1. I wonder if the power for good or evil doesn’t lie in sex itself any more than it lies in money or food or ambition or self-regard, but in the desire (that not everyone has) to possess or consume more than one needs. Each of those things has an inherent usefulness. But when people use their free will to pursue excessive possession or consumption of any of those, don’t we see lust or greed or gluttony or envy or pride? With sex, wouldn’t the evil be in the free will that allows a person to commit rape or adultery or pedophilia (which are more about anger and power than about sex)? I think sex itself doesn’t make anyone do anything. I agree sex without passionate commitment trivializes its worth, but couldn’t that describe sex between consenting adults even within many marriages? Maybe trivializing sex is a symptom of a disintegrating human condition: a lack of concern for self-worth or the betterment of society, a form of sloth, perhaps — which may be the extreme opposite of anger that causes us to lash out against ourselves, other people or the world? So maybe the cure is in getting people to care about themselves, society, and the world. To engage. Maybe it’s not an iceberg, but our deliberate blindness to the problems. Maybe it’s matter of us seeing uncaring behavior and caring enough to do something about it.

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          1. Again, such a great thought! I agree so much, and I do regard its core ingredient as a divergence from the original design (aka, sin, separation from out Creator.) And yes, it unfortunately takes place within marriages. Again, sin seeps in…

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