Saturday 7

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This week has a little room for celebrations and social media alongside some incisive thinking. I mean, if Donald Drumpf (his ancestors’ original surname) is really the Republican candidate for POTUS, there must be laughter in the celestial spheres.

I invite you to discover two of the most perfectly written prose poems that you may ever find on WordPress. Or anywhere. (Is that really a thing — poestry? prosetry?) Argue if you must, but I welcome you to show me any better, any more diabolically wrenching expressions of truth.

A proud truth from 1966 San Francisco, pre-dating 1969 Stonewall, puts another face on LGBTQ history. Take a brief look at religious history to see how personal responsibility may be the only way to end religious terrorism.

Then indulge in a champagne-infused afternoon tea at Claridge’s in London, described so personally and with such art, you’ll feel you were there. And while you re-charge, consider social media: What are you doing on WP to up your blogging stats? Does it matter? Should you care? What is Facebook doing so wrong that Pokemon Go is doing so right?

I hope you’ll find writing, thoughts, and artistry to question, enjoy, and admire. I’m happy to hear what you think about any or all of these offerings.

Albino Phoenix: Appetite

Art by Rob Goldstein: Paying for their Right to Party

Hijacked Amygdala: Day of Birth / Night Crawlers

Karolin Kazi: Oh La La! Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s

Kirsten Lamb’s Blog: Is Facebook Dying? What’s Killing It?

My Scribbles: the only solution

Notes from the U.K.: Nine reasons I ignore SEO


Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

18 thoughts on “Saturday 7”

    1. A very dear friend of mine is planning a trip to England and France next May. When I shared your post with her, she immediately added afternoon tea at Claridge’s to their itinerary. You have a lovely Sunday, too! Sue

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    1. You’re welcome, Ellen. I believe there are lots of people I “know” who would appreciate your writing, insights, and humor. I want to give them an introduction.

      I started posting other links after someone I followed had done the same and pointed me to some good blogs I hadn’t known. That I could do that, too, struck me like a small revelation.

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  1. I hate everything about pokemon go. I don’t know much about it but I hate it. I didn’t even go there the first time round. I write. I volunteer with mental health charities ,I am forever learning- doing my Ma in creative writing in Oct. My focus on stage scripts. I am a a mother , daughter, wife and highly opinionated. on that note check this out -just for laughs

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    1. Oh my gosh! Thanks for sharing that video. It’s fun and tragic at the same time. But then, texting is just as distracting — a young man recently died near here because he was walking with friends while texting, and didn’t notice how close he was to the edge of some scenic cliffs over the ocean before he fell.

      I think the outdoor exercise Pokemon Go encourages is a good thing, but like anything else you do, you need to pay attention to where you are. I don’t play either, but my son does so I’ve learned more than I care to know, lol. I think Kristen Lamb’s observations are astute.

      It sounds like you have a very full life. Earning a Master’s degree is hard enough; doing it as a parent shows great mental strength and discipline. Best of luck to you! Thanks again for the video, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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      1. WOW! Sue that dude who went over the cliff – that is tragic. There are other ways to get active. We are missing nature constantly looking at our phones. Thanks for sharing yours. I like to keep myself occupied even though it terrifies me the things I say yes to. I just have to feel the fear and go for it. Great to meet you, x

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