Cosmic Photo Challenge

Dale and K’lee’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is a chance to make good art. (Thank you, Neil Gaiman!) This week, K’lee chose Shadows and Silhouettes for the theme. If you click on the theme, you can learn how to play along. Join us! Leave your fields to flower, your cheese to sour — you’ve got magic to do and good art to make!

Silhouettes at stripey-sky sunset
Hermini Stranger’s wand
Shadows and spiders and flies, oh my!
Moondream silhouette



Author: Sue Ranscht

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26 thoughts on “Cosmic Photo Challenge”

  1. Love all of them! Such beautiful sunset colors with the palm tree. The spider is creepy but cool! The moonscape is so dreamy…😴. My favorite might be the magic wand. So creative! 😘

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    1. Sorry for the “ack” factor. She was busily occupied with her dinner, and I really liked the lighting. Thanks for your comments — I’m happy I redeemed the spider with the sunset. 🙂

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          1. They seem to take a particular pleasure in terrifying me (I wrote a couple of posts about them) but I’m pleased for them that you like them. They need more people to champion their cause…but I will never be one!

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