Saturday 7

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Another rough week. It hurts to have to say that again. But something’s changing in the way people respond. Not the feeling of horror — no, being horrified is a good response. If we stop feeling horrified, we’ve lost our humanity. But people are finally getting tired enough of feeling helpless, hopeless, powerless to change the reckless hate that commits these acts of senseless violence and murder. Tired enough to do something about it.

People are beginning to band together in their sadness and outrage, calling on people of good heart to wield love and peace and defiance against the insanity that is terrorism. The call to arms takes many forms, and some of them are in the list below. You’ll find inspiration to find your place and find yourself, humor, and stories that show the power of talking with strangers and the harm the thoughtless use of language can do. Oh yeah, and some good advice for aspiring writers.

You are called. Take a look. Take a stand.

Albino Phoenix: Do Not

Chez Shea: The Wardrobe Mistress and the Monk

Dusted words: Five

forgottenmeadows: #PoetsForPeace

Kristen Lamb’s Blog: Is Being a “Good” Girl Hurting Your Career? Why “Bad” Girls Become Best-Sellers

Memoirs of a Husk: Who you calling a sissy?

Storyshucker: Strangers?


Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

10 thoughts on “Saturday 7”

  1. Thanks so much for including my post here. That is so nice of you. Look forward to checking out the other posts you mention. The blogging community is an amazing space to connect with people, in a world that can seem more and more hateful and out of control.

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