Saturday 7

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What’s a day or two between friends?

Performers on the world stage haven’t earned a standing ovation in a very long time. But some human responses — from subtly furious to defiantly subtle — to the madness are certainly worth sharing. A little tenderness, a little constructive criticism, and a sublimely rendered image round out this Saturday 7. I hope you find inspiration and joy.

Albino Phoenix: Dissent Is a Bitter Taste and a Long Draught

Cafe Book Bean: Profound Paragraphs VIII

Memoirs of a Husk: A song (or two) for Europe

Myths of the Mirror: Take Your Criticism and Love It!

Obzervashunal: Sunset Skieslight Shows Over Downtown San Francisco 

The Daily Crapper: My Gay Agenda

thefeatheredsleep: I will no longer be silent


Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

8 thoughts on “Saturday 7”

  1. Ah – thanks Sue – still reeling – as are so many. We have to accept the democratic process but things all around are falling apart. Perhaps for the best in the long run, but I fear how long and troubled that run might be. Thanks, again. M

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