Nerdy Things Publishing Accepting Anthology Submissions

A wonderful opportunity to inspire kids to see their bodies in healthy ways, and possibly to be published in an anthology as well! Check it out.


NERDY THINGS PUBLISHING is proud to announce the first anthology to benefit a not for profit organization. Get published and help a well deserving group in the process.

ABOUT THE ANTHOLOGY: In our lives, people tell us who we should be. We gain the notion we could be happier by trying to be someone else. But we don’t have to be perfect for the world, we just have to be ourselves.

Shatter Your Image is an anthology from writers telling their stories through fiction and poetry. Stories of being proud of who we truly are, that tragedy and dark moments brought us to a light we didn’t think possible. Stories of accepting what some call flaws as cause for celebration. Stories that invite us all to stop changing for others. Instead, we shatter our image and realize our beauty.

All proceeds will benefit Realize Your Beauty, a not for profit…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

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