Why Batman is Better than Superman

Superman fan? Read this.
Batman fan? No surprises here.
Just brilliance.

Makaitah Rogue


The man has been on a Marvel streak, going in on Captain America, X-Men, Dead Pool and the likes. While he was intently consumed by Captain America I said Casually ” This is just power ranger on steroids” I knew i had struck a nerve. ” Superman is in there too Miss. Smart mouth” he retorted. ” Batman over Superman all day everyday” I said and we went in a heated debate about who is better Batman or Superman. All I can say is men who think Superman is better than Batman come from a long genealogy of men who will be denied of their conjugal rights by their wives. ?????

So this blog was born. Here we go!

1) Superman is only slightly short of indestructible, while Batman is more than likely to be shot dead, and with surprising ease, if he were to miscalculate even the slightest bit…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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3 thoughts on “Why Batman is Better than Superman”

    1. Hahaha! I think as kids, we’re all about the super powers. Maybe becoming adults, having to face the world’s lack of super heroes, we begin to see the attraction of the dedicated vigilante. (Just as a point of interest, the original post was written by a woman. 😉 )

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