Greetings, Subscribers!

Murder Mysteries with a sense of humor? An Author’s Newsletter with a giveaway from an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean?

I’d say sign me up, but I already am — so YOU sign up. Maybe you can beat me out of the personalized My Story prize in the issue coming out this Monday. Yeah, good luck with that.



When I realised, somewhat belatedly, that you can’t be an author today without an author platform, I started a blog. But then I read that no author platform is complete without a newsletter. I’m still a little hazy on what the newsletter should do, but I’ve subscribed to a few myself to see how other writers entice people to sign up. Below is a sample of newsletter material:

  • Writer 1: (1) Progress on My Current WIP (2) my idea for my next book (3) an eBook sale (4) recommended reading (5) a giveaway.
  • Writer 2: (1) Pre-order My Latest Novel (2) Read the first chapter (3) Get a great marketing tip
  • Writer 3: Buy My Latest Novel at the launch price of $0.99 and get the following bonuses:
    • An ebook copy of My Previous Novel
    • A chance to win a signed paperback edition of My Previous Novel

Another thing I’ve read is that people don’t just…

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Author: Sue Ranscht

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