The Creative Blogger Award

Creative Blogger Award Badge

Thank you Lindsay Nell of Home, Hugs and Huskies for offering me The Creative Blogger Award. I am honored by your high regard, and I’ll always be grateful that we’ve been able to connect and become friends from opposite sides of the world.

Lindsay lives in South Africa and has written, illustrated, and published 27 books you can find by checking out her website or her Amazon Author Page She offers free downloads of coloring pages and activity books created to accompany her stories, too! If you have children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or know the children of friends, you should definitely gift them with Lindsay’s work.

As an aspiring author, I’ve known for a couple years that I would eventually have to establish a blog. The A to Z Blogging Challenge finally motivated me to jump in. Space, Time, and Raspberries is only a month old and has yet to find its feet outside this challenge. When Lindsay offered me The Creative Blogger Award, I was three days behind schedule on the Challenge and didn’t feel right about accepting any kind of special recognition at least until I had caught up with the reason I was here.

Now that I’ve completed the Challenge (finishing a day later than the goal, but finishing!) I still feel reluctant to accept any special recognition. Lindsay’s offer is humbling and flattering, and I am sincerely honored that she thought so highly of what I’ve written so far that she felt I deserved an award for creativity, but all I want to do with this opportunity is spotlight a young woman who puts her heart and soul into her family and her writing.

Thank you, Lindsay, for the support and friendship you’ve given to me and so many others. In the spirit of your gift, this is my gift to you: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me. Just for fun.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me:

1. Ever since Sputnik crossed the sky, I’ve wanted to travel in space.

2. I completed the first year of Law School at USD planning to become a Space Lawyer so I could get a ride on the shuttle.

3. I think spiders and snakes are beautiful.

4. I always wanted an older brother; it was always too late.

5. The smell of jalapeño peppers makes me feel sick to my stomach.

This is my official 1st non-A to Z Challenge post, and I can’t think of any better topic for it than Lindsay Nell!



Author: Sue Ranscht

I am a writer. Let me tell you a story...

14 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award”

  1. Thank you Sue for accepting this award and for your kind words. I am so blessed to have a friend like you. I hope you enjoyed the A – Z Challenge. You wrote amazing and creative posts. 🙂 Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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  2. Congrats Sue! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and learning about your perspective of yourself. I like your writing style and the illustrations you’ve posted. I didn’t realize until the age of 22, you had yearly x-rays! I think they made you, somehow, super human! Like the Timex watch, “Takes a licking, but keeps on ticking!”

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    1. Lol! Thanks, Kim! I suspect that if you wrote about your childhood, I would learn things about you, too. Isn’t it amazing how even growing up together doesn’t guarantee we’ll know each other? I’m glad you’re enjoying these posts, and I hope whenever I mention you, you’ll enjoy them even more. ❤


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